I welcome you to Monworld, a webpage where you will find, on the one hand, my creative works (in “Moncreativity”) and my analytical production (in “Monanalysis”), and, on the other hand, links to other webpages which I consider very valuable for building a better world for all (in “Connecting”).

Monmundo flourishes again in 2024, after a first attempt in 2011-2012.

I am going to start by focusing on the Palestinian question (in Monanalysis/ International Relations/ Palestine → click here).

I hope you will enjoy it!

Last posts

Here I share with you my next steps in relation to the texts I am writing on Palestine.

Here I briefly present the war situation in Gaza and the situation in the rest of Palestine since October 2023, and the measures taken by the international community that have been ineffective in stopping the genocide.

Here is a summary of the history of Palestine from the very beginning, with a special focus on what happened as a result of the mass migration of Jews to that land from the late 19th century onwards.

Painting a picture of a supermoon

A jacket that I sewed with a beautiful African fabric that I bought in Lomé (Togo).    


This collection of poems “Moon Friend” is only available in Castilian and Bulgarian. Of its 30 short poems I have translated into …

The poemary “Moon in Love” is only available in Castilian. Of its 76 poems I have translated into English the one on …

Seas of Islam

Story of a trip I made to the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Israel) in 1994.

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